Thursday, 18 August 2011

What do you do with your kids' art?

By Muhammad, about 3 or 4 years old- a page from a story he made up, dictated to me and illustrated.

Again by Muhammad, age 4, of our house (well block of flats in which our apartment is located). This has been on the hall wall in a frame for years, as it always brought a smile to my face. It had survived various assaults, as people whizzed past it, but it was for DH, attacking an annoying housefly, to remove it permanently from the wall.
So hanging them on the wall is an option, even in a proper frame. But where else can they go? I mean that children can produce exponetial amounts of pictures, some that are worthy of retention, some are barely indistinguishable marks which will soon be used as a shopping list. In my house they first reside on top of my microwave, until I read the latest Fly Lady email saying to declutter a 'hotspot'. In these terms, my microwave's upper surface is a towering inferno. Then they get shoved in one of the under-bed boxes until I have a yearly sift through. But what happens when these boxes are full? Well mine are pretty-much bursting- but I've always been meaning to scan and upload the pictures I want to keep, and so this blog was born!
Another note- remember to write down the name of the artist and date as you'll never remember.

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